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The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Frankfurt usually holds meetings on the second Sunday of each month at 15:00.

Please send us an email for further information if you are not on the mailing list ( Meetings location rotates among various members' homes and will be communicated to the mailing list.

Please bring something to eat and drink after the program.

The current schedule of meetings is as follows. Please check back here frequently as the schedule and the location of the meetings may change!

DateLeaderTopic or Venue

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9 Feb 2014
Ethics, continued
12 Jan 2014
John and Elizabeth
Ethics and Social Justice
8 Dec 2013
Darrel and Bonnie
Recharging during the time of Darkness
10 Nov 2013
Steve and SaBine
Lessons from Ghosts
23 June 2013
Writing that moves the soul / annual poetry hike
19 May 2013
Flower Communion
21 April 2013
Earth Day
10 March 2013
3 February 2013
Imbule - A Pagan Spring Festival
13 January 2013
MargaretReflections and hopes
11 November 2012Charmaine Sharing - How it challenges and helps us
26-28 October 2012
EUU retreat in Cologne. 14 current and past members attended.
9 September 2012
Personal Memories from the Summer: Where can they lead us?
10 June 2012StevePoetry walk & Rote Muehle for dinner
20 May 2012AllFlower Ceremony (traditional)
29 April 2012SaBineMaypole Dance
18 March 2012

19 February 2012FreyaKarnival (4:00 pm with pot-luck dinner)
22 January 2012Swanson Family
11 December 2011SteveWinter hike (Sunday morning)
20 November 2011Margaret
4-6 November 2011EUUWeekend Convocation in Oberwesel
30 October 2011George and Jolie
12 June 2011
at Crowley-Koopman family - Poetry walk and picnic in Oberursel
08 May 2011
at Hill-Young family
10 April 2011
at Swanson family
13 March 2011
at Reidlebacher family
13 February 2011
at Margaret Grosse's home in Frankfurt
16 January 2011
On January 16th the Frankfurt UU met to consider the search for truth in our complex world. Steve Crowley facilitated this discussion based on the book 1491 by Charles C. Mann. This best selling non-fiction presents the newest understandings of Native American life prior to the arrival of Columbus. The content is both shocking and draws into focus how truth is a tough find. Central to the afternoon was the follow up conversation on the role of truth in our personal spiritual path. During the adult's meeting, the children worked with Freya on traditions in other faiths. 
12 December 2010
at Jolie and George's home
15 November 2010
Including annual meeting, VERY IMPORTANT!!! We need all officers to attend!!!
At Angela and Lindy's home
24 October 2010

Cancelled! Autumn Walk, 4:00 pm at gate of Frankfurt International School
after Apple Fest (12:00 - 4:00 pm)
12 Sept 2010Beate SykesBeate will be sharing her experiences working in Laos for a non-profit organization. In addition, we'll need to set the schedule of dates and meeting locations after the service. The children will have a service centered around a review of the seven principles that guide the UU. Please let me know if you need directions to our home. We begin at 3 pm. Please bring a dessert to share after the meeting. There's going to be great stuff to listen to and share.
02 May 2010Lindy SmithThe Flower Ceremony
13 June 2010Steve / Sabine Poetry Hike & Picnic in Oberursel Forest (Everyone)
11 April 2010Steve Crowley1491, A moral dilemma
14 March 2010MargaretWe are hosting the Sunday 14th March UU Meeting, which will be on Buddhism. There will also be a kid's program. As always, a snack or dessert is appreciated.
7 February 2010
Cancelled due to weather
10 January 2010MargaretBuddhism
13 December 2009Lindy / Angela
22 Nobember 2009Jolie / GeorgeHinduism
25 October 2009Steve / Sabine The topic for discussion will be Mormonism. We'll be exploring the history and theology of America's fastest growing religion. Freya will also lead us through an apple ceremony as part of the seasonal shifts.Sabine Koopmann will be running the  youth program. Please bring along something to contribute to the coffee and desserts following the meeting.
13 September 2009
 Reflecting on the past / building for the future (Steve)
7 June 2009Steve CrowleyPoetry in the Woods
Key Poem: Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

We will gather for a poetry walk and picnic. We'll meet at 3 pm at the end of the U3 line which is called Hohemark. There's a large parking lot there. We can all meet under the U-Bahn clock. From there we'll walk to a frog pond sanctuary which is about 20 minutes away. There are many alternatives destinations, so we can discuss options when everyone is together if folks feel like something different. Please bring something to share. It can be a poem, but any sort of not too long a sharing would be great... songs, dance, a game, quotation trivia, mystery puzzles. The bottom line is to be in nature together in a way that allows us to open up to each other. After sharing we'll spread out blankets... if you brought one... and eat a snacky kind of picnic. The poetry and picnic gathering will probably take us well beyond 4 pm. I would suggest we won't be done until 5 or 6-ish. It's our last meeting before September, so please join in.
10 May 2009TBDThe Art of Happiness
A discussion of the thoughts of the Dali Lama outlined in his book of that title
(It is suggested that you get a copy of this book and read it)
19 April 2009Freya Vass-Rhee and Sabine KoopmannAncient Pagan Rites of Spring
Both children and adults will participate
15 March 2009Lindy SmithFrench Philosophers

Swimming for the kids! So bring swimsuits, towels, etc.
And please bring a dessert!
01 February 2009George and JolieGreg will be working with the kids. For a change of pace, let's everyone bring something for more of a coffee and cakes kind of thing instead of dinner. That will give a chance to compare the options, or simply add some variety. See you Sunday.
11 January 2009Sabine Koopmann
Steve Crowley
Nature-Deficit-Disorder. This discussion will be based on the book Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. We will be giving a workshop on this topic in about a month so I figured it was a good time to get some feedback. We'd ask everyone to come with a memory of a great time you had in nature. The kids' program will run a parallel plan. The kids should come prepared to head outside and explore the stream and field behind our place. The adults just need to bring memories. We start at 3pm.

Following the meeting we'll have a potluck dinner. Again, we'll provide some main course like a safe pasta dish. The rest of you just do what inspires you. If you wish to dialogue on the dinner, just reply to all and we'll see what happens. This time I'd like folks to bring something to drink as well for kids and adults.

Inspiration for this service

I go to nature to be soothed and healed,
and to have my sense put back in tune once more.

                                           - John Burroughs

14 December 2008Sabine Koopmann"Music: The Voice of the Soul"

Everyone is asked to bring a piece of music that moves them in important ways to share with the fellowship.
09 November 2008Hans Le Grand (Dutch UU Minister)

Sunday School will be run by Sabine Koopmann
Direct Experience of Transcending Mystery and Wonder (The text draws from the first principal)

Inspiration for this service


The great sea has set me in motion,
set me adrift,
moving me like a weed in a river.

The sky and the strong wind
have moved the spirit inside me
till I am carried away
trembling with joy.

by Inuit Shaman Uvaunuk
14 Sept 2008Steve CrowleyThis coming Sunday we'll celebrate Summer. Please bring something from this summer that will help us understand how your summer went. . We'll do some sharing, focusing on how individual celebration is part of the religious life. There will be a similar program for the kids. See you at 3pm.
08 June 2008Steve CrowleyOur next meeting is this coming Sunday at noon at Lisa Steindorf's house in Hoffheim. We'll walk from her house into the forest that is just a few steps away.  There we'll have a picnic and read poetry. Afterwards we'll return to her home a try a couple sacred dances to finish off our year of meetings. This all means that everyone needs to bring a picnic and drinks, plus something to share with everyone. A poem that you love, a quote, a short story...such a thing would be fine. By 5 pm everything needs to be over and done.  Lisa is hosting another gathering later that evening. Please let me know if you aren't going to make it...other wise we will wait at Lisa's before we start the hike. If you need a lift to her house from the S or U bahn stop, please call her house. The directions to her place are here.
11 May 2008George RedlbacherPfingsten/ Pentecost is coming up. George will be sharing with us what that celebration
is all about and what we make of it in the UU tradition. The children will be led in a lesson
about What music means to us by our oldest UU boys, Ben and Justin.
06 April 2008Steve CrowleyMeditation in a Mixed Up World
06 April 2008Sabine KoopmannKids' lesson. Sabine will be talking about refugee children and preparing for a visit to the Oberursel refugee home. Please remember to bring a little something for the toy collection, especially outdoor toys. The kids will take those to the refugee children in Oberursel on April 22nd. 
09 March 2008Steve CrowleyUnity vs. the Trinity...a discussion of early Christian History
13 January 2008Steve CrowleyCivil Rights in an Uncivilized World
9 December 2007Sabine Koopmann, Jolie GutentagA Day of Action: Charitable Work in the Spirit of Giving. Service at 3:00 pm at Steve and Sabine's  house.
Our topic will be "Winter Holidays Around the World". Be prepared to bring an activity, a story or a reading about a winter holiday you are familiar with or interested in. We will take turns sharing what we know about the meaning of those holidays (Christmas, Solstice, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Diwali...). If you can bring a song or two to teach us and sing with us all, it would be lovely.

We will share a potluck dinner afterwards. Soup, breads and drinks will be provided. Please bring a salad or a dessert.

The local refugee home in Oberursel houses many children (ages 1-15). There is a small student group from FIS who visits there regularly to play with the younger children. After consulting with the coordinating teacher and the refugee home representative, Jolie, Robin and SaBine have decided that we will provide these children with new games for indoors or outdoors and visit them to play sometime after the winter holidays. This time of year they get more attention than other times, so we will visit them when the seasonal attention has gone away. We will start gathering appropriate games in the new year. Your help will be much appreciated.
11 November 2007
George RedlbacherSaint Martin's Day. Who was this Saint? How did this tradition grow?
21 October 2007
Sabine KoopmannSamhain, the value of our Ancestors
9 September 2007
Steve CrowleyVacation: How it helps us. Our unique moments.
10 June 2007
Steve CrowleyPoetry Walk...sharing what matters to us
13 May 2007

Potluck and Fundraiser at Worldfest
4 April 2007
Steve CrowleyFinding Peace in a tortured World
11 March 2007
Jolie GutentagHow do we know when we've found Inner Peace?
11 February 2007
Steve CrowleyReinventing our Rites of Passage
14 January 2007
Claire Vision org.A Presentation on Meditation
11 January 2004Ingrid AhlbergWomen's rights issues and adopting an infant girl in China
14 September 2003Lindell SmithInsights of the Old Testament Prophet, Amos
11 May 2003
Jim PopeReflections from a 30-year Unitarian
10 November 2002Megumi HirotaThe Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue
8 September 2002Bryant BrownSince 911. What's changed. What has not.
26 May 2002Bryant BrownAdult Religious Education: Living at the edge, or eternal life
12 May 2002Bryant BrownLet's hear it for silence
28 April 2002Bryant BrownAdult Religious Education: Mystery
14 April 2002Lindell SmithZoroastrianism
24 March 2002Bryant BrownAdult Religious Education: Silence
10 March 2002Lindell SmithA Thumbnail Guide to Ethics
24 February 2002Bryant BrownAdult Religious Education: Liberal Religion for our Time
10 February 2002Bryant Brownread "Ground Zero"
27 January 2002Bryant BrownAdult Religious Education: Life as a Work in Progress
13 January 2002Bryant Brownread "Words are Just Words"
9 December 2001Hans LeGrandFear
11 November 2001Dorle and Dieter GehrmannRissho Kosei-kai

Women's rights issues and adopting an infant girl
in China. 11 January 2004. Ingrid Ahlberg is the President of the Heidelberg Fellowship. She is an Educator. She has traveled extensively. Her talk will be about the process of adopting an infant girl in China. She will speak about her trip to China to locate and receive her daughter and deal with some unexpected issues before they could leave for a new home. Her experience raises a women's rights issue that addresses several other cultures.

Past Topics

Insights of the Old Testament Prophet, Amos. 14 October 2003. Despite the unlikely appearance of the theme, this will be a topic that reveals a longstanding Unitarian Universalist tradition.

Past Topics

Rissho Kosei-kai. The Rev. and Mrs. Gerhmann, the newest members of the UU Frankfurt Fellowship will feature their experiences with their personal contact in Japan with the Rissho Koshi Kai Buddhists, a six million member "sister" to the UUA. Through a small group process which teaches simple truths on the emotional as well as the cognitive level, this group has not only developed a large and influential church body in Japan, but they have also studied and practice ways to make a real difference in approaching world peace.

Past Topics

Festival of Lights. 2 DEC 01 at 5 PM in the Chapel of Patrick Henry Village, near Heidelberg. Brighten up the gloomy days of winter as we listen to readings and songs about the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah and Advent. The Choir of the English Department of the University of Heidelberg will provide musical accompaniment. Please RSVP to

Past Topics

Fear. Do you remember your childhood fears? Looking back they may seem so childish, but they can be haunting, just like our present fears. What do our deepest fears look like and what do we do with them. How can they become stimulating rather than paralyzing?

Past Topics

Winter Solstice Walk to the Night Tree, 22 December 2001. The Kaiserslautern UU Fellowship will celebrate the Winter Solstice on Saturday, 22 December by taking a 40 minute walk into the high forest to a spreading evergreen, which will be decorated with food for the birds, deer, boar, rabbits, mice and foxes in the area. Please RSVP to John Keating/Elizabeth Malone at +49-6301-31353 or and bring a holiday bread or dessert, and house shoes. Maps and help arranging reasonably priced rooms in a local Gasthaus available.

Past Topics

Life as a Work in Progress, 27 January 2002. Essayist Phil Simmons, in the November/December 2001 UU World writes that only by "building a house of peace in the present moment can we be made whole." We'll talk about living every day to the fullest. Read Article

Past Topics

Mystery, 28 April 2002. "[W]e have magazine articles telling us the six ways to find a mate, the eight ways to bring greater joy into your life, the ten elements of a successful family, the twelve steps toward spiritual enlightenment. We choose to see life as a technical matter.
" And here is where we go wrong. For at its deepest levels life is not a problem, but a mystery. The distinction, which I borrow from the philosopher Gabriel Marcel, is fundamental: problems are to be solved, true mysteries are not." The place of mystery in our lives is the topic for the April adult RE meeting. Read essay.

Past Topics

A Thumbnail Guide to Ethics, 10 March 2002. How conscious are we of how we make our ethical decisions and process ethical dilemmas? Do we make our decisions based on what we think is right? Does the decision have to serve the most people? Is it more important to try to predict the outcome of a decision? Is it possible at all to find situations that are comfortable in any of these ways.

Past Topics

Liberal Religion For Our Time, 24 February 2002. "The Universalist principle is to unite the many into one," writes Rev. Dr. Forrest Church. But he says we UU's may have been too zealous in our efforts to strip away the "trappings" of religion. We will talk about purposes, definitions, and ways to talk about a liberal faith, and in the process learn a bit more about our Universalist traditions. Read Article

Past Topics

Silence, 24 March 2002. "Emptiness, like silence, like love, is not something we choose, not something we reason our way into, but rather something into which we fall, something in which we find ourselves." Another of Philip Simmons' essays will be the pivot point of the Adult RE meeting for March. Read essay.

Past Topics

Let's Hear it for Silence, 12 May 2002. It is a noisy world in many ways. Many religious traditions teach of the value of silence. In a recent adult religious education session, some aspects of quiet were discussed. This talk will explore some more. Read Let's Hear It For Silence.

Past Topics

Since 911 . We hear the world changed on 11 September 2001. Some things, like our need for each other stay the same. Read Since 911.

Past Topics

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